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Astra's Dedicant Journal

A step on my spiritual journey...

28 August
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This is suicidekttn's ADF dedicant journal.

I am Astra, not the name I was given at birth but one I have always felt drawn to. Not that you need to call me that, it's only an online thing...so it was used as a name to hold my progress through my dedicant program.

I've been a member of ADF for a few years now. I still have not completed my DP and I keep pushing it off, but every once in awhile I dust off the books and work on it. I know I should devote more time to it, and I hate that I don't but I always seem to get distracted.

I currently have an alter up and a space devoted to it and slowly I am getting more organized, both physically and mentally, even if it requires leaving notes to myself.

So if you would like to follow my slow journey, this would be the place. All are welcome, hatred is not.

And just for you...I thought I'd link things here for easy reference.

Through the wheel of the year:

Week 1: Personal Religion and an Introduction, Week 2: The First Oath, Week 3:The first High Day, an explanation, Week 4: High Day recap, Week 5: Nature Awareness 1, Week 6: First book started, I-E Studies, Week 7: Home Shrine ......Week 21: Nature Awareness 2